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Retirement Planning Classes

The last few years before retirement can fly by.  Marcy Haines, CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ teaches a retirement game plan with actions steps and a timeline to pursue a successful retirement.  In the class, you will learn to manage investment risks, use new tax laws to your advantage, make informed decisions about your company retirement plan and adjust your estate plan to function properly under the new laws.  However, money is only one aspect of retirement planning.  In the Retirement Planning classes, Marcy teaches how to blend financial education with life planning to build wealth, align money with your values, and create steps to achieve your retirement lifestyle goals.  Walk away knowing how to define your retirement lifestyle, understand your income needs and create a personal retirement checklist.


Marcy Haines, CFP®,  is a member of the Financial Educators Network™ which provides adult education on Life Planning and Retirement Planning.  In 2013, over 25,000 people attended The Financial Educators Network™ courses through Adult/Continuing Education Curriculums of Universities, Colleges, High School Districts and Parks & Recreation Departments across the United States.


We currently do not have any upcoming classes. Keep checking back for dates!