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Building Wealth & Giving Back

| December 11, 2014

 As we are nearing the year end. We often have time to reflect on the past year and the year ahead. One of the things I find myself reflecting on is traveling. When we travel we will use a map or GPS & set goals to arrive at our destination quickly and safely. Building Wealth is no different. It can require the same type of planning, if not more. To help you obtain your successful outcome. When you are mapping out your Wealth GPS an element to remember is giving back. As Dave Ramsey says "Someone who never has fun with money misses the point. Someone who never invests money will never have any. Someone who never gives is money with his hand in a bottle. In order words, what's the point of wealth if you get to enjoy it and share it with others.

So as you are nearing the year end and mapping out your Wealth GPS. I hope you are taking time to enjoy your wealth and don't forget to include giving charitable donations, volunteering your time, & talents to those in need.

"Selfless giving unto others represents one's true wealth"

-John M. Huntsman

America's are a generous group of people if would like to explore charitable giving throughout the country click the link below. With it, you can see giving by zip code:

Festival of Trees


Vision Wealth Management Inc. are proud sponsors in this year’s Festival of Trees.

Funds raise from this year's festival of Trees will go towards upgrading the current helicopter landing pad for Saint Alphonsus Medical Center in Baker City, OR

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