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Does Financial Fitness = Physical Fitness?

Does Financial Fitness = Physical Fitness?

| January 25, 2017

Two of the areas that most of us like to improve are finances and health. If you are considering setting goals to help improve your health, it might make sense to start with your finances. A recent survey from TD Bank highlights the positive impact good financial health can have in various areas of your life — including physical health.

One of the most interesting results of the TD Bank survey is that 81 percent of respondents reported that their other goals were easier to accomplish when their finances are in order.

When you start to think about these results, you can see how they make sense. First of all, it’s very distracting when your finances aren’t in order. When you are worried about debt and bills and what’s going to happen with your money, it’s hard to work on other areas of your life, and not just your physical fitness.

In addition, the stress and anxiety that can revolve around finances, can lead to very real health problems, such as high blood pressure. Usually when people are stressed they tend to reach for high-calorie, low-nutrient foods that can lead to weight gain, and create even more stress!

On the mental and emotional side, stress can also make you irritable, straining relationships with your life partner, your children, and others. When these relationships are strained, it’s hard to cope emotionally.

Your financial well-being can spill over into your health, and impact you in a positive or negative way. When you consider the ways your finances affect other areas of your life, it becomes vital that you make efforts to get your finances in order. Take the time to make a plan for your future.

Bonus: Team member, Tonita McCarty is very passionate about financial and physical fitness. She is our resident fitness guru and has even created a Biggest Loser Challenge in our office. Stay tuned for results coming in March!