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Financial Wellness Part 4

| January 29, 2015

Week 4, Challenge for better health and wealth.  The goal of this challenge is to motivate you to continue and implement behavior change strategies that may simultaneously improve health and personal finances. So for the next few weeks we will ask you to partner with us in our challenge.  This weeks steps to financial wellness are:

1) Cyber safety. Be caution when sharing information on social media (Facebook, twitter, or other social media sites). Social media is a common gathering place for I.D. thieves. The less information you put out there for the world to see, the less likely you will fall prey to identity theft. 

Also be careful when clicking on links in your email from  unknown sources and never send sensitive information through an unsecured email account.

2) Do credit checks. Checking your credit score can help you be aware of a potential fraudulent activities. It can also give you more insight to what’s effecting your credit. The higher your credit score is the greater the damage can be when you take a misstep. If you had a 680 credit score you can lose 60 to 80 points with a 30-day late payment; if you had a 780 score, you’re likely to lost 90 to 110 points with the same late payment, reports FICO. That is why  people with high credit scores must be diligent about maintaining their score. Thank you for joining us in our 4 week challenge

Market Watch:

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