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Love Your Life, Not Theirs, Book Recommendation

Love Your Life, Not Theirs, Book Recommendation

| January 10, 2017

Rachel Cruze, the daughter of Dave Ramsey, who is also new mom, just released her most recent book, Love your Life Not Theirs. Being a Dave Ramsey fan and new mom this book piqued my interest and I was pleasantly surprised by this book; it was full of good habits to easily put into practice.

In this book she teaches you how to utilize seven money habits for creating and living the life you want.

Money Habit #1: Quit the comparisons.

It all starts with quitting the comparisons. She talks about how social media has taken “Keeping up with the Joneses” to a new level. The comparisons are killing us.

Money Habit #2: Steer clear of debt. I’ve always been a fan of staying out of debt and agree with Rachel on this habit!

Money Habit #3: Make a plan for your money.

Money Habit #4: Talk about money (even when it’s hard). Couples should be having these conversations frequently.

Money Habit #5: Save like you mean it.

Money Habit #6: Think Before you spend.

Money Habit #7: Give a little...until you can give a lot. Love this concept, it's all about starting with what you can afford.

If you have a chance to read the book, I would love to hear your thoughts!

-Christina White